Time for a Change

By now you may have seen that I will no longer be offering weekly drop-in classes like Chair Dance Fitness, Act Workshopping, etc. This year, I sat down and took a look at what things in my business make me happy versus what things I’m doing because I felt like as a “Burlesque Academy”, I was supposed to be doing. I realized that my business is not like everyone else’s business and it shouldn’t be!

I want to start focusing on the things that matter! 

I want to help you nail that timing in your music, help your story come across how you meant it to, figure out that issue with your costume and how you can make it come off at the right time, EVERY time!

I want to help you elevate your costuming skills so you look polished and professional. I want to help you slow down and take your time enjoying the audience and letting the audience enjoy you so that when you leave the stage, you can’t be forgotten!

So starting in April, I will no longer be offering the generic drop-in weekly classes and will instead be focusing on private 1 on 1 lessons and my Burlesque 101/102 series classes.

I feel that my students get more out of their time with me when they can focus directly on a goal that I can help them achieve. If you are looking to take the next step, book your private lesson with me and together, we will help you reach your goals!

-Deb au Nare

Book Private Lesson

“Deb was an awesome teacher with great suggestions for polishing up an existing act! Working alongside her I had a few “ah hah!” moments that I was thrilled to have – she breathed fresh creativity backed with experience and confidence in what I was doing”

– Danielle Saint Velvet, NY

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