Student of the Month – Lady Leo

By Lady Leo

2018 was not a great year for me.

There were ups and downs but mostly downs. Right before the New Year I started to attend Risque Monday, a weekly burlesque show at The Odditorium. My friend, Wendy Clear, had gotten me hooked on it. Wendy Clear was also a burlesque performer and watching her inspired me to pursue burlesque for myself.

Lady Leo kittening for Risque Monday

Shortly after the year began, I found myself as a starting stage kitten! I was awkward at first, but now after a year of kittening, it has become one of my favorite hobbies! Burlesque life was one of the few ups of last year, it helped me get through so many of my problems. I had been given the opportunity to be myself and not to mention practically naked in front of everyone!

Lady Leo debuts her Burlesque 101 act for graduation at Risque Monday

Over the summer, after kittening a few months, I toyed with the idea of taking Burlesque 101. Deb au Nare herself then messaged me one day in July offering me the chance to participate in the class! Of course I grasped the opportunity and it was the best! Deb is an amazing performer AND teacher! I learned so much from her and not to mention had so much fun! I made good friends and an act of my own! If you ever thought about learning burlesque I would definitely recommend Deb’s course!

Lady Leo performs her Burlesque 102 act

I graduated in August, right after my birthday, my friends and family came to watch as I took the stage as a performer for the first time! I felt right at home on stage so I went on to take Burlesque 102 to continue with my learning!

Now I am a full blown performer who is working towards more! I perform now at Risque Monday! I also kitten there still, never forget where you came from!

-Lady Leo

Header photo by Deb au Nare

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