Claire D’Lune – Student of the Month

By Claire D’Lune

Greetings lunababes!

My name is Claire D’Lune and I am a local performer in this magical city of Asheville. I was given my burly birth certificate from the owner of that derriere you all know and love, Deb au Nare, on April 25th, 2015. This came after a little love labor called Burlesque 101 and was conceived in an individual act and group act.

What a beautiful, sparkly new world I’d been birthed into! I’ve heard of runner’s highs, yoga high’s, but performance high! WoooWEEE! What a thing THAT is! So off I ran in my newly sparkled shoes to the dancing destiny!!!

Claire D’Lune debuting her Burlesque 101 graduation act in March 2015

I devoured as many classes as I could afford and swept thru 102 and Sass Class while trying to make myself as available as possible in the rip tide that had become my new found sparkle life. It was like walking into a store with all of your favorite things and you have to pick ONE THING each trip. Suddenly I was swimming in tulle, rhinestones, playlists, youtube videos and emails. As a libra luna the scales of my kind rarely find a balance and like to swing wildly from side to side of prudence and unbridled opulence. I quickly learned that I was drowning myself in the opulence I had allowed myself to indulge in. So I took a break, got some of that good ole Appalchain dirt around my sparkle toes and started seeing what my lil faye butt was capable of.

Claire D’Lune doing a Sherlock burlesque act at Tuesday Tease September 2015

One of the most challenging things for me as a performer was to find “who” Claire D’Lune was. I had been birthed all Venusian like but hadn’t quite figured out what I was trying to bring to stage. For me, burlesque was an outlet to be the magical creature I am, that passerbys may not see day to day. But WHO WAS SHE?
We were told early in our conception to find our strengths and go with that. I’m extremely good at being scatter brained and a bit air headed but those weren’t the strengths I needed. I started seeing all the magic and the fantasy stuff of my inner sanctum and bit by bit it all started working itself out.
I wanted to communicate.
I wanted to tell stories in my performances.
I wanted to transport the viewer into my inner sanctum for just a few moments.
I wanted to evoke a feeling in my movements and story.
I wanted to bring the fantasia vision of songs that spoke to me to speak to everyone. You know, just the basics.☺ The great thing about these goals is that they have no limit. The world of fantasy, burlesque and sexy communication is vast and ever growing.

Claire D’Lune making her burlesque comeback at Tuesday Tease September 2016

In order to make this a reality I had to find a practice to not only ground myself but to stay true to this vision of Claire D’Lune. I had to take a conscious step into bringing her into a reality. I made the decision to not imbibe before shows. I made the decision to take care of my body thru a regular fitness routine. It was these two big changes that really let the lessons I had learned at the conception of me to really sink in. What can I say….I’m a bit of a slow learner. But slow and steady and sexy is the name of this sparkle game, no?

Burlesque is a beautiful wonderland that anyone can come and express themselves, or in my case, find yourself! ♥ Special thanks to Deb au Nare and the Burlesque Academy of Asheville for having me as part of the sparkle tits! ♥

-Claire D’Lune

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