An Interview with Deb au Nare

I sat down with the lovely Jana Downs of Asheville Press for a cup of coffee and a look into what my life as a burlesque performer, producer and teacher is really like and how I got started. It was a lot of fun and Jana, although very new to the burlesque world, has officially been sucked in! We had some great laughs and she got me to tell her some fun stories that I hadn’t shared with many people before. The Prince tribute show for Tuesdsay Tease a few months back was her first time seeing a burlesque show and she loved it! I’m hoping to have her come take the Burlesque 101 course when she has the time!

Here is a snippet from the interview, link to the full article to follow.

Burlesque. The word calls to mind a lovely lady shimmering and shaking her way out of a martini glass, a coy look twisting her lips upwards into a ghost of a smile. It’s glamorous. It’s beautiful. It’s entertainment. It’s also hard work!

When you think of the glamor and fun of a burlesque show, you might not think of all the hardwork and dedication that goes into a five minute performance by each and every performer on stage. Lord knows I didn’t when enjoying a pint and watching the talented ladies from the Tuesday Tease performance shake their money makers to a Prince anthology. All that glamor & sassiness was a product of not only the hard work of each and every performer but of the headmistress of the burlesque school under which a majority of them studied. Deb au Nare is a legend on the burlesque scene in Asheville and it’s no wonder. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

I have to admit, I had no idea what a burlesque headmistress would be like one-on-one. I expected some larger than life character, the likes of which could be found in the enormous stage presence I’d glimpsed from Madame Deb au Nare on stage before. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find a dedicated entrepreneur who was not only beautiful but incredibly business savvy. With a laid-back Florida style, complete with flip flops, this Jacksonville native projects a sweet confidence and easy-going nature that allowed me to relax instantly.

Read the full interview I did with Jana here!
– Deb au Nare

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